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Calories in Lipton Ice Tea Cocktail & Fruits 320 ml


Calories in Lipton Ice Tea Cocktail & Fruit 320 ml, great taste with ready-made moisturizer on trips. Lipton blends a squeeze of delicious lemon flavor with classic black ice tea tea to give the ice tea a great taste, enjoy and enjoy the wonderful taste of Lipton Ice Tea and live a life full of activity and vitality.In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Lipton Ice Tea Cocktail and Fruits 320 ml as well as the nutritional ingredients from which it is prepared.


Calories in Lipton Ice Tea Cocktail & Fruits 320 ml

The calories in Lipton Ice Tea with fruits are 76.8 calories, all of which are sugars in a 320 ml package. The calories of that product are distributed in grams between carbohydrates of 19.2 g, But it doesn’t include any amount of fat, Or protein.

It also includes sodium in the amount of 41.6 g, and sugar in the amount of 19.2 g, In this form it can be considered a low-fat drink, But at the same time high in sugar, It contains a high percentage of sugar, For this you must be careful when consuming it.

Ingredients for Ice Tea Cocktail and Lipton Fruits

  • water
  • sugar
  • Citric acid
  • 0.12% black tea extract
  • 0.1% cranberry juice from concentrated juice
  • 0.1% raspberry juice from concentrated juice
  • 0.1% raspberry juice from concentrated juice
  • Natural raspberry mixture flavor
  • Ascorbic acid (antioxidant)
  • Sweetener (Steviol Glycoside 50 mg/L)
  • Sodium citrate (acidity regulator)


Notes on Ice Tea Lipton Cocktail & Fruit

  • Tea without carbonate, with tea extracts, cocktail flavor and fruits
  • Lipton iced tea cocktail, fruit and the best times
  • Lipton Ice Tea Cocktail The Perfect Refreshing Drink
  • The perfect moisturizer with trips
  • The delicious taste that refreshes the mind and body
  • Live your life with Lipton Ice Tea Cocktail
  • Mobilization of the Middle East and North Africa Company for the manufacture of refreshments Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a license from the owners of the brand
  • Lipton Unilever products

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