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Calories in Libby’s Ketchup


calories in libby’s ketchup, It is a ketchup that belongs to the famous Nestle brand that specializes in manufacturing various food products.

Ketchup is one of the most important flavoring sauces that are used around the world. There is almost no fast food in which ketchup is not a mainstay next to it, such as pizza, chicken sandwiches, meat, etc., It is one of the sauces that flavor food deliciously. And he has no specific food to be placed on. Here it is up to the desire of the diners themselves.

In the following report, Let’s examine together what are the most important calories in Libby’s ketchup, in addition to that we will also discuss in detail the most important nutritional components that participated in the preparation of this product, So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in Libby’s Ketchup

  • water
  • sugar
  • 13% tomato paste
  • White vinegar
  • Modified corn starch
  • Iodized salt
  • Natural spice flavour


Calories in Libby’s Ketchup

Calories in Libby’s ketchup in an amount of 10 gm, equivalent to 2 teaspoons, are about 12 calories, Macros calories in that quantity are distributed between 0 gm total fat, and total carbohydrates 2.9 g, There is a protein of 0.1 g.

This one Libby’s Ketchup does not contain any saturated fat. or trans fats, or even cholesterol, But on the other hand, includes sodium 0.10 g, ، and dietary fiber 0.1 g.

Ketchup also has total sugars of 2.6g, of which there is added sugar of 2.3g.


Notes on Libby’s Ketchup

  • Keep the product in a dry place. And cool out of the sun.
  • Please shake well before use.
  • Keep the ketchup in the refrigerator for 8 weeks after opening.
  • The product is consumed on its expiry date.
  • Ketchup contains gluten. That is why for those who are allergic to this food ingredient, they should avoid consuming that ketchup.


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