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Calories in Lay’s Paprika and Sour Cream


Calories in Lay’s Sweet Pepper and Sour Cream, There is no doubt that potato chips, according to the companies that produce them, are among the most consumed crisps around the world. As there are many of her fans in all countries.

Potato chips are mainly based on their flavors. It is known that ready-made potato chips are sliced ​​​​potatoes, fried in oil, And the majority of potato brands rely on this approach in producing their own potatoes. But the difference is in the flavors in which the potato chips are served, There are sour, hot, salty, mild flavours, Sharp flavours.

In the next report, we will discuss one of the most prominent types of potato chips, which are Lays’ potatoes with sweet pepper and sour cream. where we will get to know her food card, This is in terms of calories. and its nutritional components.

Calories in Lay’s Paprika and Sour Cream

The calories in this product in an amount consisting of 50 grams of it are approximately 244.2 calories, distributed as follows: between 12.2 grams of fat, and carbohydrates by 30 grams, As well as protein by 3.6 grams

Lay’s with sweet pepper and sour cream

It is fried potato chips in oil belonging to the famous Lays brand, It comes in a sweet pepper and sour cream flavor and is ready to be consumed right away.

Nutritional ingredients in Lay’s Paprika and Sour Cream

  • Fresh fries
  • Vegetable oil (palm olein)
  • Sweet pepper dressing with sour cream ((sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, lactose powder, (from cow’s milk) milk powder (from cow’s milk) salt, Sour cream powder (from cow’s milk)))
  • seasoning ((chilli powder, paprika powder, black pepper powder))
  • Natural and identical sweet pepper and sour cream flavor
  • acidity regulator (E330)
  • Anti-caking (((iii) E341 / E551 )
  • Natural color ((E160 C))
  • Allergy Statements/ Ingredients contain milk (lactose)
  • The product is high in calories, carbohydrates and sodium (salts).
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