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Calories in large shrimp spring roll


Calories in large shrimp spring roll, It is a spring roll dough prepared from flour, water, salt, It is stuffed with shrimp stuffing with vegetables, onions, and spices. Which is cooked by frying it in oil or air fryer.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in the large shrimp spring roll, as well as the nutritional ingredients and nutritional values ​​that are included in this product in detail, So stay tuned.


Calories in large shrimp spring roll

The calories in the shrimp spring roll from Al Kabeer are 80.32 calories, most of which are carbohydrates with a percentage of 71.7%

The percentage of fat is 19.6% and the percentage of protein is 8.4%. A single grain of shrimp spring roll covers the normal person’s need for sodium 8%, and for a person with high blood pressure or kidney disease 10%.

Calories in grams are distributed between 1.75 gm of fat, and carbohydrates 14.4 g, and protein 1.68 g, There is sodium 179.2 mg.


Ingredients for shrimp spring roll from Al Kabeer

Spring roll dough ingredients

  • Wheat flour
  • water
  • salt

Spring roll stuffing with shrimp

  • 40% Shrimp (Raw Panned Seafood Shrimp)
  • cabbage (vegetable)
  • carrots (vegetables)
  • pepper (vegetable)
  • ginger (vegetable)
  • onions (vegetables)
  • Salt
  • black pepper
  • soy sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • E621 Flavor Enhancer
  • i 451 stabilizer


How to fry spring roll with shrimp in deep oil

  1. No need to dissolve
  2. Heat the oil well, then fry the shrimp spring roll from the large for 5 minutes or 6 minutes or until it becomes golden in color.

How to fry spring rolls in an air fryer

  1. no need to melt Just take the spring roll out of the freezer and brush it with olive oil or any other oil as desired
  2. Preheat the fryer
  3. Set the temperature to 170° for 10 minutes or less as desired. And congratulations.


Notes on the large shrimp spring roll

  • Calories and nutritional values ​​in Al Kabeer Shrimp Spring Roll are for 1 piece of spring roll size 35 grams.
  • Al Kabeer Chicken Spring Roll Made in UAE by Cascade Seafood LLC. – Sharjah.
  • Warning: When thawed, it is forbidden to re-freeze.

Calories in Ramadan food are similar to shrimp spring roll

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