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Calories in large chicken and cheese sticks


Calories in Al Kabeer Chicken Fingers And Cheese, It is a minced chicken breast stuffed with cheddar cheese. mozzarella cheese, spiced, And dusted with flour and cornstarch.

In general, poultry is one of the most important sources of protein from which the body can derive its daily protein requirement. But whether it is healthy or not depends on the way it is prepared. For example, chicken breasts, when cooked in their raw form, are undoubtedly healthy. Just add a little oil to it. and some vegetables, And enjoy it.

but on the other hand when it’s minced, seasoned, Then stuff it with the cheese mixture. dip it in breadcrumbs, or anything else, And then fry it in oil, here we are in front of a completely different caloric calculation.

That is why, in the next report, we will discuss with you the calories of chicken fingers and cheese provided by the Al Kabeer brand, And the details of his food card, So stay tuned.


Calories in the large chicken and cheese sticks

The total calories in an amount of 100 grams of these chicken and cheese sticks of Al Kabeer Company are about 189 calories, Macros calories are distributed within that quantity as follows: 5 grams of fat, Plus 13 grams of protein, As for carbohydrates, The total carbohydrates in that amount of chicken fingers with cheese are approximately 23 grams.


Big cheese chicken fingers

It is minced chicken stuffed with cheese and fried in oil. It is eaten hot.


Ingredients for chicken fingers and cheese

  • 56% of chicken breast meat is halal
  • water
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, Milk culture and rennet from microbial source)
  • Corn Starch
  • Soy protein
  • E451 Stabilizer (i)
  • pepper
  • garlic
  • chili
  • onion
  • E621 flavor enhancer
  • Wheat flour
  • salt
  • Yeast and paprika extract
  • Color E160C
  • E450i, A 500 II
  • Flour processing agent i.e. 300


How to fry chicken fingers with big cheese

  1. Without defrosting, immerse the chicken fingers and cheese in hot oil over low heat at 180 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes. or 3 minutes, Or until it turns golden brown.
  2. After the pumping is complete, the chicken fingers and cheese are removed from the oil. Drain and serve hot.

The product contains gluten. milk products, soy, Therefore, it may not be suitable for consumption by people who are allergic to these food ingredients.


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