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Calories in Lactel Peach Yogurt Drink


Calories in Lactel is a peach yogurt drink, which is one of the wonderful flavors offered by the French brand Lactalis, which is specialized in the manufacture of organic dairy products. The sour peach flavor is a favorite among many consumers.

In general, the product is whipped yogurt in addition to a distinctive fruit flavor, So all versions of Lactel Yogurt drink in the market are similar in their nutritional card only different is the flavor they have.

In the following report, we provide you with a detailed explanation of what are the calories in Lactel, a peach-flavored yogurt drink, and its nutritional card, so follow us.

Calories in Lactel Peach Yogurt Drink

Calories in Lactel Peach Yogurt Drink
Calories in Lactel Peach Yogurt Drink

The calories in a quantity of 420 grams of Lactel premium peach yogurt drink are estimated at 347 calories, distributed as follows.

The total volume of fat in that quantity is estimated at 6.3 grams. As for the amount of protein contained in that amount of Lactel, a peach-flavored yogurt drink, it is 11.34 grams.

The product also includes an amount of carbohydrates of 61.32 grams. And there’s 420 milligrams of calcium, As for the amount of phosphorus that Lactel contains, a peach-flavored yogurt drink is about 315 milligrams

Calories in Lactel Peach Yogurt Drink

A modified cow yogurt drink sweetened with peach

Calories in Lactel Peach Yogurt Drink
Calories in Lactel Peach Yogurt Drink
  • Fresh semi-fat modified and pasteurized cow’s milk
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Naturally sourced nutritional stabilizer
  • Prefixes for active structure
  • sugar
  • Natural color E120 /E160b
  • Food grade approved flavour
  • Fat percentage not less than 1.5%
  • Total solid matter not less than 15%
  • The percentage of protein is not less than 2.7

Notes on Peach Yogurt Lactyl

  • The product should be kept refrigerated, away from sunlight, at a temperature not less than 5°C.
  • For daily consumption, The product is very high in calories. That is why we recommend consuming it sparingly. or as a meal replacement, but not always because it will not help satiety enough, Especially since it contains a lot of sugar.

The product can be consumed by everyone without an adult problem. and young, However, it should not be a substitute for a full-fledged diet. This is because it lacks many important nutrients. Also, eating it as a healthy snack is out of the question at all. Because the calories of a healthy snack should not exceed 200 calories, This is almost twice as expensive.

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