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Calories in Koshari


calories in koshari, varies from meal to meal, according to its components, The proportion of each ingredient in the Koshari meal is the same. to the rest of its components.

It is known that Koshary, One of the most popular dishes in Egypt is a mixture of many ingredients, which are rice, pasta, lentils

In addition to chickpeas, garlic delicacy, In addition to the tomato sauce, And all of these components can be increased one at the expense of the other.

Hence, calculating the number of calories in the Koshari meal, He must start counting calories from the ingredients themselves.

This is what we will review in the next article. In addition to eating the different nutritional values ​​that he gets through these ingredients.


Calories in Koshari

Calories are calculated in Koshari, Based on one serving of Koshari (150gm small plate), It also contains an average of 469 calories.

This portion also contains an average of 7.9 grams of fat, which is represented by ghee. In addition to 80.7 grams of carbohydrates, represented by rice and pasta, And 17.1 grams of protein, represented by lentils.


Koshari meal 150 grams

Koshary is one of the most popular dishes in Egypt

Koshari ingredients

  • water
  • cooked lentils
  • Brown rice
  • macaroni
  • Vegetable oil
  • cooked onions
  • garlic
  1. Unknown

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Carbohydrates in Koshari meal

Koshari contains a solid amount of carbohydrates that mainly come from rice and pasta, which are the main ingredients in the Koshari meal.

The ratio of carbohydrates to calories is 68.83%. Hence, Koshari is a high source of carbohydrates.


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