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Calories in Ketchup Tomato Life


calories in ketchup tomatoes life, Hayat ketchup is tomato ketchup made from tomato paste, sugar and salt, with the symbol E1422 as a thickener, some acid-modifying substances and a preservative.

Of course many do not count ketchup among their calories, They think it’s calorie-free, This is completely untrue, It contains calories, It also contains sugar.

So in the following report, We will learn together what are the most important calories in ketchup tomatoes Hayat as well as the nutritional ingredients from which it is prepared, So stay tuned.

Calories in Ketchup Tomato Life

Calories in ketchup tomatoes Hayat 8.5 calories per sachet with a size of 9 gm, All of them are carbohydrates.

Macrose calories in grams are distributed between carbohydrates of 2.133 g, and protein by 0.009, The product does not contain any fats, where it is 0 g.

On the other hand, the product includes sodium in the amount of 78.84 mg, And sugar in the amount of 1.674 g.

Calories in Ketchup Tomato Life

1 chuck

  • water
  • Tomato
  • sugar
  • IE 1422 (Originated Rectifier)
  • salt
  • E260 (pH)
  • E330 (pH)
  • E425 (thickener)
  • E211 (preservatives)
  • Natural seasoning and spice extract
  • Total soluble solids 26%
  1. Unknown

  • Ketchup tomato life kept in a cool and dry place
  • Ketchup Tomato Hayat Made in UAE
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