Calories in fast food

Calories in Kentucky Fried Chicken


Some people ask about the calories in fried chicken in the Kentucky Fried Chicken style, that meal, distinctive and delicious, In addition, it is light in terms of calories.

kentucky fried chicken, one of the best fast food, at the same time, it is so easy, As any housewife can prepare it in a few minutes.

In the following article, we review the ingredients of fried chicken in the Kentucky Fried Chicken method, the calories in that meal, and method of preparation.


Calories in Kentucky Fried Chicken

The number of calories in KFC fried chicken is 1672 calories.

Other than calories, This meal contains 86.8 grams of fat. And 61.6 grams of protein.

Plus 162 grams of carbohydrates. This meal also contains 10.4 grams of sugars.

The meal also includes 10 grams of saturated fat. and 111.2 milligrams of cholesterol, And nearly 6 grams of sodium.

Among the other nutrients available in the meal; potassium with a weight of 946 mg, And 10 grams of dietary fiber.


Ingredients for Kentucky Fried Chicken

The meal consists of a whole chicken. With 2 liters of oil for frying, In addition to one tablespoon of paprika food, And two tablespoons of onion salt.

Plus a teaspoon of chili powder, another of black pepper, Plus a tablespoon of brown sugar.

and a tablespoon of salt, plus one egg white, of half a teaspoon of celery salt, And garlic powder.

As well as half a spoonful of both; ground spices, dried thyme, dry basil, and dried marjoram.


Steps to prepare fried chicken in the Kentucky Fried Chicken way

in the first step, You must heat the fryer to 176.67 degrees Celsius, Then you mix all the spices well together.

Then you mix the spices with the flour, brown sugar and salt, After that, you dip the chicken pieces in the egg whites to coat them a little. Then transfer to the flour mixture.

Next turn the chicken a few times and make sure the flour mixture really sticks to the chicken.

The chicken is fried in batches. Where breasts and wings take 12 to 14 minutes, The legs and thighs will need a few more minutes.

Chicken pieces are done when a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part reads 73.89°C.

This meal takes a maximum of 20 minutes to prepare. before starting to cook, With regard to the preparation of the meal on the fire, up to 60 minutes.

And then you are in front of a meal ready enough for a family of 4 adults.


Important tips to get the taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken

  • Use a large cast iron skillet; for that recipe, For a taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken and many other fried chicken recipes.
  • If you prefer skinless chicken, Use a paper towel to hold each piece and remove the skin after frying.
  • Chicken can be served with dipping sauces. a spoonful of pesto mixed with high-quality mayonnaise, plain greek yogurt with chopped fresh dill and lemon peel, Or ranch dressing with crumbled bacon are some tasty ideas.
  • You can double the spice mix for later and store more in an airtight container for up to 3 months.
  • After coating each piece of chicken with the egg white and flour mixture, Before you put the chicken in the hot oil, let them rest for a few minutes for the flakes to dry.

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