Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in kebab hilla


calories in kebab hilla, One of the important topics that is a great inquiry for kebab lovers is Hilla. One of the most popular dishes in Egyptian kitchens.

The kebab meal is the dessert. a staple in Egyptian kitchens, with pasta or potatoes, They are tasty and appetizing. And healthy at the same time.

And with the addition of potato salad to the meal, Then onions and green peppers. as orderd, You are in front of an integrated meal as well.

During the following article, we explain a lot of information about that meal. and calories, as well as its components.

In addition to the method of preparation, And the nutritional values ​​of proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fibers in the same meal.


Calories in kebab hilla

The calories in the Hilla kebab meal, which is cooked in the Egyptian way, are 650 calories on average.

This meal suffices a family of 4 adults. At a rate of 162.5 calories per serving.


Ingredients for the Hilla kebab meal

Hilla kebab meal consists of about 450 grams of minced beef, 96% fat free.

about 2 and a half cups of tomato juice, and 4 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, And 8 tablespoons of white vinegar.

This meal also contains 8 teaspoons of dry mustard. Garlic powder is added to the meal.

Moreover, a cup of Diet Coke can be taken after a meal.


Calorie details for the components of the Hilla kebab meal

The main calories in this meal come from lean ground beef. Which amounts to 4%.

There are only 600 calories in meat. throughout the meal.

As for the sauce or ketchup added to the meat, It contains 52 calories. Ketchup is often low in carbohydrates.

Otherwise, there are no calories either from diet cola. or Worcestershire sauce, or white vinegar, or dry mustard.


Nutritional values ​​in the components and elements of the meal

Hilla kebab meal contains a total of 18 grams of fat. It is a normal percentage compared to the percentage of fat in meat, which reaches 4%.

With regard to cholesterol and triglycerides, which also come from meat, it reaches 240 milligrams. As for sodium, it amounts to 2.3 grams.

And for the total carbs, which comes from the ketchup or salsa, up to 10 grams, without the presence of dietary fibre.

With regard to the protein that is available in meat, The total value of this ingredient in the Hilla kebab meal is 96 grams.


How to prepare kebab hilla

The steps for preparing the Hilla kebab meal begin, Put the minced beef in a frying pan, Then you filter the meat from the blood.

Then add it back to the pan and it’s completely clean. With the rest of the ingredients added successively, With constant stirring.

Then you cook the meat on the fire for 30 minutes without a lid until the sauce thickens over the meat, and you test it with a fork; to check for maturity.

The kebab dish can be served in a suit, with bread, or pasta potato salad, In any case, the meal is complete and perfect.


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