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Calories in Halwani mini maamoul with premium dates


Halwani Small Dates Maamoul is a maamoul made of wheat flour, butter, sugar and yeast, in addition to non-hydrogenated vegetable palm oil. And don’t forget the dates as the main filling in the soft little maamoul.

The calories in Halwani Mini Maamoul are 46 calories per 10 gm maamoul. Carbohydrates occupied the highest percentage of calories by 52%, followed by fats by 39%, and finally protein by 8.7%.

To find out more nutritional values ​​in Halawani Al Sagheer Maamoul, please see the nutritional label below:


Ingredients for Halwani mini maamoul with date filling

Notes on Halwani Mini Maamoul with Dates

  1. Contains flour and milk
  2. Small maamoul with fine dates
  3. It should be kept in a cool and dry place, with a temperature not exceeding 25°C

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