Calories in coffee shops and cafes

Calories in Half a Million


calories in half a million, It is a balance between the many drinks and foods that the café offers throughout the day.

Half a Million Café or Café, or in Arabic (half a million), is one of the most famous cafes in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

This café or restaurant is famous for serving snacks, or what is known as snacks. In addition to coffee and a number of other drinks.

Going back to history, We find that the coffee shop affiliated with the Abdullah Mohammed Al-Rajhi Coffee Company was opened in 2018. Where young people receive without family sessions.


Calories in Half a Million

Half Million Café offers a wide variety of sandwiches and croissants, in addition to desserts.

In addition to a number of drinks, Between hot and cold, mojito and ice cream.


Calories in Half a million sandwiches

The falafel sandwich in Half Million Café contains 252 calories. As for the Half Million Cheese sandwich, it contains 92 calories.

Also in the context of sandwiches, It should be noted that the turkey sandwich contains 299 calories. As for the tuna sandwich, it contains 535 calories.

The café also offers a halloumi bagel sandwich with 92 calories. As for the cheese and thyme sandwich, it contains 208 calories.

The café also offers a range of special sandwiches. Like the current special labneh with 245 calories.

And another special spicy tuna sandwich with 375 calories.


Calories in croissants have a million

And the croissants in the Half Million Café are divided into plain croissants, which contain 235 calories.

And a croissant with chocolate, with a number of calories of up to 235, And a croissant stuffed with cheese contains 235 calories.

In addition to a croissant with thyme, which contains 235 calories.


Calories in Half Million Cafe Desserts

Half Million Café offers many sweet products, It provides pistachio eclairs with a number of calories up to 268 calories.

The café also serves Caramel Bites, with a total of 390 calories. And a third type bears the name of a brownie drink, with a number of calories of up to 336 calories.


Calories in half a million drinks

The drinks offered by Half Million Café can be divided into cold drinks, another hot, Plus ice cream.


Calories in Half Million Cold Drinks

Half Million Café offers 4 types of cold drinks, Which; Half a million signature with 209 calories.

Americano and provides 14 calories. Latte and contains 150 calories.


Calories in Half Million Hot Drinks

Half Million Café offers 6 hot drinks, which are; Half a million signature, 187 calories. And an Americano with 12 calories.

And a hot latte with 138 calories. And an Atom Latte drink with 225 calories. And a hot chocolate drink with 339 calories.

and a cortado/piccolo drink, 39 calories. As well as a drip coffee drink with 33 calories

Café Half Million also serves cappuccino and contains 137 calories. And an espresso with 5 calories.


Calories in Half a Million Mojito Drinks

It provides a strawberry drink with 48.6 calories. and Oceana with 47.4 calories, Sunshine has 47.5 calories per 100 milligrams.


Calories in Half a Million Ice Cream

Half a Million Café provides avocado ice cream with 227 calories. and another, Coffee Crunch, with 221 calories per 100 milligrams.


Calories in Cafe Half a Million sweets

The Half Million Café menu consists of a wide range of desserts, It includes the following; Lotus cake with 423 calories.

Likewise, a pistachio eclair with 268 calories. Brownies, 404 calories. And caramel bites, 390 calories.

In addition to cookies with 216 calories, And a mini pistachio donut with 240 calories. and pistachio eclairs, with 268 calories.

In addition to a mini Nutella donut with 249 calories. And lamington cake, 278 calories.


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