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Calories in Haldram’s Banana Chips


Calories in Haldrams Banana Chips, which are salty banana chips fried in oil, It can be considered as a more wonderful snack, especially when moving, or even at home between meals, But you should always, as always, check the amount of calories that can be consumed as a result of consuming this product, so that you know exactly whether it is suitable for consumption within the diet that you follow, Especially if you are on a diet aimed at losing weight.

In the following, we will discuss in this report what are the most important calories in Haldrams Banana Chips, not only this, Rather, we will learn about all the ingredients of the salty banana chips from which this product was prepared, In addition to a host of other nutritional details related to this product, So stay tuned.


Haldrams banana chips ingredients

Salty banana chips

  • 60% banana
  • vegetable oil (molene)
  • salt
  • Acidity regulator (citric acid powder (E330))


Calories in Haldram’s Banana Chips

The calories in Haldrams Banana Chips in an amount of 35 gm, which equals 1 cup of that product, are about 198 calories.

In this product, the calories are distributed as follows: 14 g total fat, There are 17g total carbohydrates, As for protein, It contains as little as 1g of protein in that amount.

On the other hand, the product contains 6 gm of saturated fat, It does not contain trans fats. or cholesterol.

This one There is 220 mg of sodium in that serving of banana chips. which constitutes 10% of the daily requirement. There is also a high amount of dietary fiber in these chips, which is 3 gm. Which is equivalent to 11% of the daily requirement.

There are very few total sugars in those banana chips, 1g. These salty banana chips do not contain any added sugar.

And when it comes to vitamins, and the minerals in those banana chips, It does not contain any amount of Vitamin D. but it includes calcium in the amount of 6 mg, and there is iron in the amount of 0.1 mg, And potassium by 135 mg, equivalent to 3% of the daily need.


Notes on Haldram’s Salty Banana Chips

  • Salty Banana Chips is made from high quality bananas
  • The product is a great option as a snack on the go. or between meals.
  • Keep the product in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight.


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