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Calories in grilled salmon


calories in grilled salmon, One of the topics that are increasingly searched for on the Internet.

And that meal contains salmon on a small number of calories, Which is due to the nature of the fish, Especially if it’s grilled. This makes its calories almost non-existent.

Perhaps some have tried grilling chicken or meat of different types. or even other types of fish, But grilled salmon has another taste.

During the following article, we review a lot of information about that meal. It includes calories in grilled salmon.

The article also contains many other elements such as the nutrients in grilled salmon meal, And the nutritional values ​​of these elements.

In addition to the ingredients for that meal, and how to prepare it, and the time required for its implementation.


Calories in grilled salmon

The calories in the grilled salmon meal are 1261.2 calories, enough for a family of 6 adults.

Details of the calories in that meal can be mentioned in the following lines: in which we explain its components, Mentioning the number of calories in each item.


Calorie ingredients in grilled salmon

The grilled salmon meal contains one kilogram of salmon. Plus a cup of olive oil.

This meal also includes a full cup of fresh dill, Plus 6 cloves of minced garlic.

You can also add half a cup of lemon juice. And add salt and pepper to taste and desire.


Calories for each component of the meal

As we mentioned in the previous lines, the grilled salmon meal, It contains many components.

The most prominent of these ingredients is fresh salmon, Which comes with a kilogram weight mostly and contains 1014 calories.

As for olive oil, it contains 240 calories in the entire meal. And 6 calories from garlic.

While lemon juice contains at least 1 calorie, Zero calories from dried dill.


Nutritional information for all nutrients in grilled salmon

Grilled salmon meal contains many nutritional values ​​due to the different nutrients in the meal.

We find that the total fat is 57 grams. Which comes from olive oil.

As for cholesterol and triglycerides, it does not exceed 455.4 mg.

As for sodium, which is available from salt, it is limited to 586.2 milligrams

As for the total carbohydrates, it does not exceed 2.4 grams. There is no dietary fiber in the meal.

But the main component of that meal remains protein, which is available from salmon and reaches 174 grams.


How to cook grilled salmon

Grilled salmon meal can be prepared through simple steps; The first one is to prepare the grill.

On the other hand, Prepare a small bowl in which to mix the oil. With fresh dill.

With the addition of garlic cloves, lemon juice, salt and pepper to order.

In the next step, you use a pastry brush, You can brush salmon with the previous mixture.

Then you start to put the fish in the grill, After being fully heated, It cooks on the grill until fully cooked.

Knowing that the maturity of salmon requires that the fish flake clearly and properly when tested with a fork.

In that case, be in front of a delicious and appetizing meal, Serves 6 families of 6 adults.

Note that this meal is quick to prepare, As it takes only 5 minutes to complete its processing, And only 15 minutes to cook or grill.


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