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Calories in grilled cheese pizza sandwich


Calories in Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich, Some may think that it is too big and too much. Health rates are exceeded.

But in reality it is completely different. Right, it’s pizza. with its natural dough, But the grilled cheese with salad is kind of the same.

And unlike the calories in a grilled cheese pizza sandwich, This sandwich tastes great. Like cheese pizza.

And paired with salad and salsa, taste more delicious, The taste is more delicious and enjoyable.

In addition, this meal is very fast, In just two minutes to prepare, five minutes to cook, To get a sandwich enough for one person.

In the following article, we will look at the calories in a grilled cheese pizza sandwich. And the ingredients for this sandwich, and nutritional values ​​available in it.


Calories in grilled cheese pizza sandwich

The calories in a grilled cheese pizza sandwich are 242.3 calories, which is a simple number, Compared to considering that the main ingredient of the sandwich is pizza.


Calories in sandwich ingredients

The grilled cheese pizza sandwich consists of many ingredients that are suitable for being a pizza in the first place, Where we find two slices of mixed grain bread.

These slices contain approximately 138 calories. And mostly those slices consist of 7 whole grains.

This sandwich also consists of 2 tablespoons of marinara sauce, It is a famous pasta sauce.

Mostly this sauce contains 19 calories.

Moreover, The grilled cheese pizza sandwich contains 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese and is mostly dry. Partially skimmed.

This type of Kraft Mozzarella cheese contains 80 calories. which is finely grated.

plus a teaspoon of grated Parmesan cheese, which alone provides 6 calories, To be salt and pepper to taste.


Nutritional information for the grilled cheese pizza sandwich

As mentioned earlier, the number of calories available in this sandwich is 242.3 calories.

But in terms of the total fat in the pizza, We find that it does not exceed 8.3 grams. It is due to the available cheese fats.

There is hardly any cholesterol or triglycerides, Where the percentage of cholesterol is 16.1 milligrams.

which is a simple number, almost negligible, For a serving weight of up to 250 grams.

Where the weight of the sodium that comes from the salts and cheese in the sandwich is 557.4 milligrams, which is somewhat high.

Note that the total carbohydrates reach 26.3 grams. Which is natural since the main ingredient in the sandwich is flour.

With regard to dietary fiber, it reaches 4.4 grams, and it is available from grated vegetables on the sandwich.

As for the protein that is available in Swiss Parisman cheese, Faysal set the net to 15 grams.

The grilled cheese pizza sandwich is a light, low-calorie snack that is moderate in macros. But it contains a high amount of sodium!

How to make a grilled cheese pizza sandwich

At first the dough is prepared normally, Then a tablespoon of marinara sauce is added to each piece of dough.

Spread the mozzarella cheese evenly on all sides of the dough. with sauce, on every piece of bread.

Then sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top of each piece of bread. Then a second piece of bread is placed on top of it. to finally resemble a sandwich, The sauce should be placed on the bottom of the sandwich.

After completing the processing, The sandwich is placed in a hot frying pan at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.

Cook until the cheese melts on the inside and turns golden brown on the outside. Or darker if you like.

Then you’ve got a cheese pizza sandwich that’s only enough for one person.


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