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Calories in green bfc kuwait


Calories in BFC Green Kuwait and what are the most important values, What nutritional ingredients are in this product? This is what we will learn about in our article today.

But before we get any deeper into calories, Let’s get to know this product, It is a crunchy snack. It is a delicious roasted, not fried, that you can easily find in any supermarket. flavored with cheese, It is definitely the perfect flavor for many.

Calories in green bfc kuwait

The total calories in the entire green Kuwait Abu Safina bag of 23 grams is about 126 calories, The highest percentage of the macros values ​​came from carbohydrates, at 13.3 grams. Then followed by fats at 7.4 grams. At the bottom of the list is protein, at 1.6 grams.

What is the removal of green Kuwait?

It is a type of crunchy snack that is ready to be consumed immediately. It can be found in any supermarket

Components of unlocking the green Kuwait

  • corn groats
  • Palm oil (vegetable oil)
  • salt
  • Natural cheese powder
  • beta-carotene (food color)
  • paprika

Notes on Unzip Kuwait Green

  • Green Kuwait Bafk is made from corn grits
  • Unpacking Kuwait without artificial colours. And without preservatives.
  • The product is manufactured under the supervision of the ISO quality system.

The difference between the red Kuwaiti decoder and the green Kuwaiti decoder

There is no difference between the two products, They both have the same nutritional ingredients from which they are prepared. They also have the same nutritional values ​​if the amount consumed from each is equal. But what makes them different from each other is the size of the bag itself. The red Kuwaiti unzip comes in a size of 18 grams only. As for the green jaw of Kuwait, it is larger in size. It comes in a size of 23 grams. This is what makes the calories in each bag different from the other bag, even though they are both considered one product.

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