Calories in Goody soft peanut butter

Calories in Goody soft peanut butter 195 calories per two tablespoons equal to 32 grams, Fats make up the highest percentage of calories, 69.2%.

Goody smooth peanut butter is free of hydrogenated fats, cholesterol and preservatives, and it also does not contain artificial materials.

However, it contains added sugars and salt. This explains why there is an amount of sodium in butter, but do not worry about the amount of sodium because it is low.

That you follow a gluten-free diet or lactose-free diet Then this product is the right choice for you, Before that, we advise you to read the food label below to get the full nutritional information.


Ingredients of soft peanut butter from Goody

  • Roasted dry peanuts
  • sugar cane
  • Palm oil
  • salt
  • molasses

Notes on Goody Soft Peanut Butter

  1. Oil separation is natural as this product is made from natural materials
  2. Free from preservatives
  3. Free from synthetic materials
  4. Free from hydrogenated fats
  5. It should be kept in a cool dry place

Goody peanut butter was produced in the USA by authorization from the trademark owners for Goody Middle East.

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