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Calories in Galaxy Flutes


Galaxy Flutes this crisp wafer stuffed with chocolate cream, Topped with milk chocolate is one of the delicious choices that can be relied on when you want to eat something sweet, And at the same time not laborious to prepare it, You can get it at any time, And from anywhere, That’s why we talk to you about the calories in Galaxy Flutes, especially since this type of dessert is very light on the stomach, And with him you may not feel that you ate something in the first place, Here’s a breakdown of its calories, And its nutritional components so that you can estimate for yourself whether it is suitable for your food schedule or not?

Calories in Galaxy Flutes

The calories in the Galaxy Flutes are 114 calories in two fingers of Flutes in size of 22 grams, Fats and sugars make up the highest values of total calories.

Flutes is a crisp wafer stuffed with chocolate cream, And covered with milk chocolate

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