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Calories in Frutz Raspberry Cocktail


calories in raspberry frutz cocktail, It is a type of ready-to-consume fruit drink. stomach of raspberry flavour, and some other fruit juices such as concentrated black carrot juice, concentrated pear juice, black currant flavour, It comes in a 300ml bottle.

In general, Fruit juices of all kinds are wonderful drinks that can provide us with refreshment, especially in hot times. But there are two types of them, The first to be prepared at home, It can be considered less harmful than the second type, Which can be obtained in ready-made, canned, Most of these juices are loaded with a lot of sugar to give the juice a sweet taste. And this certainly may not be good for health.

For this reason, we will discuss below the calories of the Frutz Cocktail provided by Tropicana, so that we can learn about the most important details related to its nutritional card.

Calories in Frutz Raspberry Cocktail

The total calories in the Special Packet of Frutz Berries Cocktail are, And consisting of 300 ml about 144 calories, The drink does not contain any amount of protein. or fat, where they are 0 grams each, However, it contains a high amount of carbohydrates, estimated at about 36 grams. It also contains a high amount of sugar, with a total of about 33 grams.

Raspberry Frutz Cocktail

Tropicana Frutz fruit drink with raspberry cocktail flavor is ready to use immediately. It can be found in any supermarket. It is preferable to drink it cold

Nutritional ingredients in the Raspberry Frutz cocktail

  • Carbonated water
  • sugar
  • Concentrated pear juice
  • Concentrated black carrot juice
  • citric acid (an acidic substance)
  • Blackcurrant flavour, natural citrus
  • 10% concentrated juice

How to make a raspberry frutz cocktail

  1. unknown

The product in the entire 300ml bottle contains 30g of added sugar.

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