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Calories in Frutz Pomegranate


Calories in Frutz Pomegranate, which is a pomegranate flavored fruit drink, There are other flavors present in its content, such as concentrated apple juice, black carrot juice, It is one of the special drinks that can provide you with refreshment.

It must be noted, That although fruit juices may be consumed normally within different diets, But what is meant by these juices are sugar-free, which are mostly prepared at home, They are fresh and eaten shortly after being squeezed. As for canned juices, They will often be loaded with sugars, preservatives, And those will not be suitable for diet regimes.

In the next report, we will discuss the calories of Tropicana Frutz with pomegranate flavor. In addition, we will learn about the full nutritional values ​​​​in this fruit drink, So stay tuned.

Calories in Frutz Pomegranate

Total calories in a serving of 300 ml, Which is a total bottle of Tropicana Frutz Pomegranate about 132 calories, And the drink does not include any amount of protein in it. Also, it does not contain any amount of fat. However, it contains an amount of carbohydrates estimated at 33 grams. As well as an amount of sugar estimated at 33 grams.

Fruits pomegranate

Tropicana frutz fruit drink with pomegranate cocktail flavour

Nutritional ingredients in Frutz Pomegranate

  • Soda water
  • sugar
  • Concentrated apple juice
  • Concentrated black carrot juice
  • citric acid (an acidic substance)
  • Naturally identical pomegranate and peach flavor
  • 10% concentrated juice

How to prepare pomegranate frutz

  1. unknown

The product contains 28.2% added sugar in a total of 300ml cans.

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From the aforementioned statistics, we will find that the product should not be over-consumed. Especially since it contains a high percentage of sugars. And carbohydrates, which take up a lot of calories in our diet.

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