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Calories in frutz apple tropicana

Calories in Frutz Tropicana Apple It is a ready-to-consume sparkling drink that comes in a delicious apple flavour. It can be found in any supermarket in the Kingdom.
Juices are generally delicious drinks that can be adopted in our diet. But nutritionists always appeal that it is better to rely on the fruit in its raw form, and reduce dependence on its juices, This is in order to take advantage of the fibers that it contains in its first form. Most of which are lost when squeezed.
As for ready-made juices, the situation here is completely different. Especially since these juices will never be similar to the juices that are prepared at home, Those working on it rely on making it taste sweet by adding a lot of sugar to it. Mostly flavors are used, or fruit pulp, Not real fruit in the whole.
In any case, Today we will have one of these drinks and learn about the calories in Tropicana apple frutz and the nutritional card for the ingredients of this product, so follow us.

Calories in frutz apple tropicana

Calories in a total 300ml can of Tropicana Frutz apple flavor are about 156 calories, This product does not contain any amount of fat. or protein, But on the other hand, It contains a high amount of carbohydrates estimated at 39 grams. In addition to a high amount of sugars, approximately 39 grams, And also a large amount of added sugar, estimated at 33 grams

Frutz Tropicana apple

Tropicana sparkling drink with apple flavour

Nutritional ingredients in Frutz Tropicana apple

  • Soda water
  • sugar
  • Concentrated apple juice
  • Concentrated grape juice
  • Concentrated peach juice
  • Citric acid (acidic substance)
  • Nature-identical fruit flavor
  • malt extract
  • 10% concentrated juice

How to make Tropicana Apple Frutz

  1. Unknown

The product contains 33 grams of added sugar

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The product is not suitable for consumption in diets that are followed for the purpose of losing weight. This is because it contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, sugars, as well as added sugar, Therefore, it is necessary to look for healthier alternatives. Like relying on home-made apple juice instead of buying it from outside, Or even replacing fruit juices with the right fruit itself without hitting it, eating it in its first form would be more correct, It can be consumed naturally within any diet.

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