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Calories in freshly ground beef


Calories in Freshly Pure Beef, which is ground and canned beef, It can be used in various ways as desired. It can be eaten in its first form without any prior preparation. It can also be combined with eggs, obesity, It can also be mixed with onions. green pepper, tomato, ketchup, In general, it’s all up to you.

In the following report, we will present the most important calories that you can get from eating pure beef from Freshly, In addition to the most important nutritional components found in this type of canned meat.

Calories in freshly ground beef

The calories in Freshly Beef, per 100 grams of it, are about 232 calories, Calories are distributed in different proportions. The largest percentage is for protein by 21 grams, It is followed by fat at 16 grams. As for the lowest percentage, it is for carbohydrates, by 1 gram.

Freshly pure beef

Canned lean beef, ready to use immediately. Where it can be prepared in more than one form, method as desired

The nutritional ingredients in Freshly Lean Beef

  • Cooked beef
  • salt
  • sugar
  • Preservative (Sodium Nitrite)
  1. Unknown

Canned beef is high in sodium because it has been preserved in salt

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