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Calories in Fresh Skimmed Milk Nadec 1.75 Liter


calories in fresh skim milk nadec 1.75 liters, Milk is one of the most important drinks that have been known since ancient times, It is one of the indispensable drinks in our daily lives, Billions of milk bottles are consumed globally annually.

The milk is breathed into whole milk, It forms the milk in its original form without subjecting it to any other procedures, It is just sterilized, packaged, and export it in the markets.

As for the other section, It is skimmed milk, Here the milk fat is separated from the milk itself, To become low-fat, It can be consumed by those who apply health regimens that aim to lose weight, This type of milk can be consumed normally in a calorie diet that does not favor consuming a lot of fat inside.

In the following report, We will learn about what are the calories of skimmed milk provided by Nadec, In addition to the most important nutritional components from which it was prepared, Stay tuned for all these details.

Calories in Fresh Skimmed Milk Nadec 1.75 Liter

The calories in fresh skimmed milk Nadec 1.75 liters are about 557.6 calories. The calories of macrose are distributed between carbohydrates of 79.1 g, and protein of 56.4 g, and fat in the amount of 1.8 g.

The product also contains vitamin A by 9915 units, Calcium 1978 mg

Nadec Fresh Skim Milk 1.75 Liter

100% natural cow’s milk from Nadec Farms, Refreshing and beneficial to your health

  • Natural pasteurized and naturalized cow’s milk
  • At least 8.5% non-fat solids
  • 0.1% fat percentage at most
  1. Heat the milk over low heat for five minutes or more as needed

  • Nadec Fresh Skim Milk 1.75 Liter
  • Saudi Product
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Calories in Milk

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