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Calories in Foster Clark’s Whipped Cream Mix


Calories in a mixture similar to Foster Clark’s whipped cream, which is a bag of powder that is mixed with cold milk to form, after beating it with milk, a light dessert cream, sweet taste, And that cream is used in preparing, Various sweets are decorated as desired. Where it can be placed in the filling of cake, cake, Various sweets can also be decorated with it to give it a distinctive look.

The calories in the whipped cream-like mixture are 117.7 calories, Most of it is in carbohydrates. which is 16 gm, Then comes the amount of fat, which is 4.9 grams. And the amount of protein comes at the end being the least of them at 2.4 grams.

Foster Clark’s whipped cream-like mix

It is a powder mixture that is prepared by whisking it with cold milk. Then beat it well until it becomes creamy. This cream can be used in the fillings of various desserts. or for decoration.

Nutritional ingredients in a whipped cream-like mix by Foster Clark’s

  • sugar
  • Hydrogenated palm kernel and coconut oil
  • Glucose syrup solids
  • Emulsifier ((acetic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides and of fatty acids E473a))
  • Palm oil
  • milk proteins
  • Capacitors ((Disodium phosphate tetrasodium E450 (iii), Disodium Phosphate E339 (ii), Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (E464)
  • Stabilizer ((Dipotassium Phosphate E340(ii))
  • artificial vanilla flavour
  • Color ((beta-carotene E1160))
  1. To prepare 2 cups (460 ml), follow these steps.

  2. Mix the following in a deep bowl

  3. ½ cup (115 ml) of cold milk, And one bag of whipped cream mix.

  4. beat quickly by hand, Or with an electric mixer, mix for about 4 minutes. or until the mixture thickens, It forms thin, light peaks.

  5. Stir the mixture before serving, adding a spoon. Or two tablespoons of milk if it seems thick.

  6. If the kitchen temperature is above 30°C, cool the bowl. And the whisk before mixing the ingredients

  7. Do not refrigerate the whipped cream mixture and do not use unsterilized milk

  • The product contains milk
  • Milk fat replaced with vegetable oils
  • Store the box in a cool dry place.
  • After preparation, the product must be kept covered in the refrigerator until its consistency becomes heavy.
This product is hydrogenated, caution should be exercised

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