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Calories in eggplant pizza


Among the most ideal, healthy meals, appetite at the same time, eggplant pizza, As the calories in eggplant pizza are moderate, And don’t give too much extra energy.

eggplant pizza, It is one of the types of pizza that depends on vegetables. Basically, It is also quick to prepare. It only takes five minutes.

quick to cook, where it can be ready in twelve minutes, It is a record time compared to other meals.

In the following article, we review the calories in eggplant pizza. With an explanation and detail of all its components, And the number of calories in it.

In addition to the method of preparation, for that meal, nutritional information, And the ingredients available in eggplant pizza.


Calories in eggplant pizza

The number of calories in the eggplant pizza meal is 476.4 calories, An average of 119.1 for each of the four servings of the meal.


Calories in eggplant pizza ingredients

First, we talk about the ingredients of eggplant pizza, through which a meal can be prepared for 4 adults.

The meal consists of 4 eggplants. 3 inches in diameter, medium. Peel each eggplant and cut into 4 slices ½ inch thick.

Add to that 4 teaspoons of olive oil, half a teaspoon of salt, And half a teaspoon of ground black pepper.

On top of that a cup of pasta sauce is added, ½ cup mozzarella cheese, partially grated, The flavor can also be increased by adding some basil leaves to the mixture.

But what about the calories in an eggplant pizza meal?

After we had taken the quantities required to produce eggplant pizza, which is enough for 4 people, We look at the calories in each of these ingredients.

in shredded mozzarella cheese, There are 168 calories, As for olive oil, it provides 160 calories.

While the fresh peeled eggplant in the same meal provides 120 calories.

As for the marinara sauce or tomato sauce that is spread on pizza, it provides 36 calories.

And through black pepper and salt, Only 4 calories can be obtained, Without any effect of salt on calories.


Nutritional information for eggplant pizza ingredients

The eggplant pizza meal consists of many nutrients, which include fats. and cholesterol.

In addition to sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and protein.

But the largest nutrient in that meal is carbohydrates, which amount to 35.6 grams. Then fat with a weight of 30 grams.

Then the protein available in eggplant weighing 14.7 grams. And dietary fiber, with a weight of 14.8 grams.

As for the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the meal, it does not exceed 15 milligrams. As well as sodium 1.8 grams.


How to make eggplant pizza

Before starting meal preparation, The oven must be prepared and heated to 218.3°C.

Then in the first step of preparing the pizza, You brush both sides of the eggplant with oil, then add salt and pepper.

In the next step, You arrange and place the eggplant on the pizza dough, before placing it in the oven.

during baking, You must make sure that the color has turned brown, and semi-soft, This often takes 6 to 8 minutes.

Then you can spread a tablespoon of pasta sauce on each slice of eggplant that you put on the pizza.

Then, you generally put grated cheese on top of the pizza. But you must continue in the oven until the cheese is completely melted.

This step usually takes 3 to 5 minutes. The pizza is served hot. Mostly enough for 4 people.


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