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Calories in domique frozen strawberry


Calories in Frozen Strawberry or worry, Especially since it is very low in calories. This makes it a great ally for many different diets with different calories.

What is distinctive about strawberries is that it is one of the many uses of the fruit. They are not only taken but juice can be prepared, It can be entered with a number of different sweets, decorate the cake with it, and made jam out of it, And many other diverse uses.

It is true that strawberries are often associated with the fall season. But today it is possible to see it all year round, This depends on freezing it to be used again when desired. And the Domic brand provides you with frozen strawberries throughout the year. to be easy for you to find, And use it whenever you want.

So, In the following report, here is the food label for the calories in frozen strawberry domique and its most important details. So stay tuned.

Calories in domique frozen strawberry

Calories in domique frozen strawberry
calories in frozen strawberry domique, Frozen strawberry calories

The calories in frozen strawberry domique in an amount of 100 grams are about 35.8 calories, distributed as follows.

Total Fat 0.05g, This product contains 8.03 grams of carbohydrates. There is 0.8 grams of protein.

On the flip side, Product Contains Sodium 0.2 mg, and sugars by 4.5 g.

As for vitamins, and minerals contained in this product, It contains vitamin C by 0.6 mg, and dietary fiber by 3.3 grams, and calcium by 28 mg, As well as iron by 0.8 mg, The product also includes Vitamin A with 60 IU in it.

The nutritional ingredients in Domic Frozen Strawberry

The nutritional ingredients in Domic Frozen Strawberry
The nutritional ingredients in Domic Frozen Strawberry
  • Frozen strawberry seeds


The product is kept in a freezer at a temperature of (180) Celsius = (64.4) Fahrenheit

The product does not contain any coloring matter. or chemical, The product is also free of genetically modified elements.

These were the most important details related to the calories in a frozen strawberry domique. In general, strawberries can be consumed within different diets. Without fear, or worry, This is mainly because it is low in calories.

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