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Calories in Delicio smoked chili sauce


Delicio Smoked Chili Sauce is a type of sauce that is added to many different foods according to taste, It is a great choice for spicy food lovers. Being made with smoked jalapeno, And because it is consumed in abundance, we had to know the nutritional values ​​that it contained.

Calories in Delicio smoked chili sauce are 2.6 calories per 100 gm, and carbohydrates constitute the highest percentage of calories by 83.1%, then fats by 10.4%, then protein, which is the lowest by 7.7%.

To find out more nutritional information about this type of spicy sauce, we leave you with the nutritional card.

Delicio smoked chili sauce

A real Mexican salsa, made with smoked jalapenos, is added to your dish to add a rich, flavorful experience Delicious and smoky.


Smoked chili pepper sauce

  • water
  • pepper paste
  • natural vinegar
  • sugar
  • salt
  • smoky flavour
  • Chipotle pepper
  • onion (seasoning)
  • garlic (seasoning)
  • cumin (spice)
  • pepper (seasoning)
  • E415 (thickener)
  • E150D (colour)

Store in a cool, dry place

This chili is low in calories, so it can be consumed without worry as long as its consumption is within reasonable limits, but it is also high in sodium, and this may cause you to have high blood pressure or heart disease, God forbid, if you do not pay any attention to sodium .

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