Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in crispy ranch chicken


Calories in crispy chicken ranch style, It seems suitable for those who want a healthy and tasty meal. And nutritious at the same time.

crispy chicken meal, It is a common home meal in Egypt. It is often served with pasta with red sauce or soft bread. or vino.

crispy chicken meal, A natural extension of the chicken pancake meal that was often done with breadcrumbs.

In addition to the main meal, which is crispy chicken, There’s also the ranch. It is a mayonnaise sauce added to the meal.

In the following article, we explain a lot of information about the crispy chicken meal. Like the method of preparation and ingredients.

In addition to the calories in that meal, Combine with other nutrients with the protein, fiber, and carbohydrates you get from that meal.


Calories in crispy ranch chicken

There are 232 calories in one serving of crispy chicken with ranch, Where that share weighs approximately 250 grams.


Calories in the ingredients of the crispy chicken meal

With regard to the calories for each component of the crispy chicken meal, We find that chicken breast, which is a main ingredient in this meal, reaches 130 calories.

Note that the chicken breasts in this case are skinless. It is mostly fillet, i.e. completely boneless. It comes in at 4.8 ounces per serving.

As for the crispy rice, in one portion that includes a quarter cup, 65 calories can be obtained from it.

And for grated Parmesan, at least 0.06 cup, It contains 27 calories

As for the egg whites, which amounts to half a gram in total weight, It gives you 9 calories. And finally the ranch dressing , it gives no calories.

Thus, the total is 232 calories.


Nutritional information in crispy chicken meal

Many nutrients are available in the ranch crispy chicken meal. It contains up to 3.4 grams of fat.

Regarding cholesterol or triglycerides, it could reach 84.9 milligrams, As for sodium, it reaches 648.9 milligrams.

For total carbohydrates, The total carbohydrate value is 15.1 grams. And dietary fiber to about half a gram.

Finally, the net nutritional value of protein in one serving of the ranch crispy chicken meal is 34.4 grams.


Ingredients for the crispy chicken ranch meal

The ranch crispy chicken meal consists of 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. (Chicken Pane) plus at least one package of 35 grams of ranch sauce mix.

Moreover, the meal contains two cups of crispy rice cereal. which comes mashed with the meal, Plus a quarter cup of grated Parmesan cheese.

The meal also contains two beaten egg whites to obtain a greater cohesion of the mixture.

The meal requires 10 minutes of preparation. With about half an hour of continuous cooking over medium-high heat.

With these ingredients, the meal can suffice a family of four.


How to prepare crispy chicken ranch meal

This delicious meal is prepared through several simple steps. In the first step: You mix the rice cereal, ranch mix, and Parmesan cheese together in one large bowl.

Then in the second step you dip the chicken in the egg whites and then in the cereal mixture until it is completely evenly coated.

Finally, you arrange the chicken on a greased baking tray. Where you bake it until it’s golden.

This is a step that takes about 30 to 35 minutes at a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.


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