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Calories in creamy italian chicken


Calories in creamy italian chicken high level comparison, Other meals we mentioned in this context.

Perhaps this is mainly due to cream and chicken. the italian way of cooking, which endows it with a lot of ingredients, Many calories.

With six components, And in a period not exceeding five minutes of cooking, A perfect dinner can be had.

In the following article, we explain the number of calories in Italian creamy chicken. In addition to the ingredients for that meal.

In addition to the calories in each ingredient in the dish, In addition to the nutritional values ​​contained in that meal, As well as the method of preparation.


Calories in creamy italian chicken

The number of calories in the Italian Creamy Chicken meal reaches 2408 calories in the entire meal, which serves 6 persons.

Which means 401.3 calories per serving in that meal.


Ingredients for Italian creamy chicken meal

The Italian creamy chicken meal consists mainly of 900 grams of chicken breast fillet, Equivalent to approximately 2 lbs.

It also includes 6 packets of Italian dressing, and 3 cups of water, And 6 packages of low-fat cream cheese.

Also includes 18 cups cooked long grain rice, And 6 packages of lean chicken soup.


Calorie details in Creamy Italian Chicken Meal

We get 1202 calories from cooked chicken breasts in this meal, Plus 522 calories from cream cheese.

Plus 408 calories from cooked, long-grain white rice . And 276 calories of creamy chicken soup .


Nutritional values ​​in Italian chicken meal

Includes creamy italian chicken meal. a large number of diverse nutritional values, We find fats that reach 75 grams in the total meal.

As for cholesterol and triglycerides, it reached 729 milligrams. sodium and salts, It weighs 4.3 grams.

As for the carbohydrates that come mainly from cheese, it reaches 144.6 grams, and dietary fiber to 5.4 grams.

Finally, protein is the main component of the meal. And it weighs a total of 246 grams.


How to prepare Italian chicken with cream

Meal preparation begins with cooking the chicken on the pressure cooker. Then you mix the Italian dressing mix with the water, which you pour over the chicken.

The chicken should be covered with water. And simmer it on high heat for 4 hours or on low heat for 8 hours.

after that, You mix the cream cheese with the soup in a separate bowl, Then you carefully remove the chicken from the crock pot to the plate.

In the next step, You pour the cheese/soup mixture into the crock pot and it mixes with the sauce in the bottom, Then you put the chicken back in the crock pot.

With regard to the sauce, skimmed milk can be added in very small quantities to thin the sauce. This does not affect the nutritional value.

and then, Gently mix it with the shredded chicken. Then cook over low heat until completely heated through. The dish is served with rice or pasta.

preferably during the settlement phase, To be done on low heat until the chicken melts the fat from the chicken and seeps into the seasoning.

Cooking minutes in this case can reach 240 minutes. Which means 4 full hours!

This recipe can be made using fat-free cream cheese, which provides about 6 grams of fat.

But keep in mind that this makes the dish get less flavor.


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