Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Cream Cream Poke 125 ml


Calories in Cream Cream Poke 125 ml Cream is one of the foods that are very high in calories, And she has many lovers though, Where they dip it with honey, cream, or they include it in pastry recipes, and various foods.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Cream Cream Poke 125 ml and its nutritional ingredients, So stay tuned.


Calories in Cream Cream Poke 125 ml

Puck cream contains 310 calories in a small pack of 125 ml, Most calories are 90% fat.

For macrose calories, It is divided between carbohydrates of 4.28 g, and protein of 3.01 g, and fat in the amount of 31.25 g, and saturated fat of 26.32 g, and trans fat in the amount of 0.65 g. As well as sugar in the amount of 4.28 g

Ingredients for cream

cream cream with vegetable oils added

  • Skimmed cow’s milk powder
  • Palm oil (vegetable oil)
  • butter
  • E471 (emulsifier of soybeans)
  • E401 (installed)
  • water
  • 25% fat

Notes on cream cream cream

  • Store cream at 2-25°C
  • Keep cream cream in the refrigerator after opening
  • Ultra-high heat treatment
  • Manufactured at Dania Foods Co. Ltd. Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Under the supervision of Arla Foods


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