Calories in Snacks & Crackers

Calories in corn sticks, chili pepper, nar marami


Spicy corn sticks from Marami is one of the new types of crackers that Marami recently introduced. It is made from corn flour and wheat flour, in addition to potato granules and some food ingredients.

In our topic, we will talk about the nutritional values ​​of hot marami chopsticks and the food ingredients that were made from it.


Calories in corn sticks, chili pepper, nar marami

The calories in corn sticks, chili pepper, nar marami are 124.32 per bag of 25 gm, Most of the calories come from fats, which accounted for 48.9% of the total calories in hot corn sticks. Then the percentage of carbohydrates is 46.7%, and finally the percentage of protein is 4.3%, which is the lowest in the product.

A packet of hot corn sticks covers 10% of the sodium for the average person per day. For kidney and heart patients, high sodium is 12.2% of their daily needs.

The calories in grams are distributed in an amount of 25 gm between carbohydrates 14.5 gm, and fat 6.75 g, and protein 1.33 g, and saturated fat 3.04 g.

There is also sodium 220 mg, and sugar 0.5 g, and dietary fiber 0.61 g.


Ingredients of corn sticks Marami hot fire

  • Corn groats
  • Potato granules
  • Wheat flour
  • Cornmeal
  • salt
  • Oline Oil Refined Palm 100% Non-Hydrogenated
  • Natural pepper flavor identical to nature
  • E621 Flavor Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate)
  • Maltodextrin
  • Rice flour
  • Breaded powder
  • E627 disodium januylite
  • E630 Disodium Innosate
  • E100 natural color curcumin
  • E160b natural color (annatto)
  • E551 Silicon Dioxide Anti-caking
  • E310 Propylgelate
  • E320 butylated hydroxyanisole


Notes on corn sticks Marami hot fire

  • Corn sticks, hot pepper, fire from Marami, cholesterol free.
  • Marami corn chopsticks hot pepper fire without artificial colors.
  • Made in Saudi Arabia, By Marami Food Industries, Riyadh.
  • Enjoy the unique taste of Marami chips, crunchy and delicious, like no other.


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