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Calories in cola chicken


Chicken has more than one method of preparation, which provides more than one taste. and different numbers for nutritional values, But the calories in cola chicken sound a bit interesting.

beginning, cola chicken meal, easy to prepare, and low calories, And somewhat strange in taste.

But in the end, it’s easy to prepare. Perfect for a quick dinner.

In the following article, we will discuss the calories in cola chicken meal, as well as the ingredients of that meal, And the number of calories in those ingredients.

In addition, the article For the nutritional values ​​in that meal in detail, Especially with regard to protein, which is affected by the presence of cola in the dish.

Finally, the article explains how to prepare a cola chicken dish in a quick time. Sufficient for a family of 3 adults.


Calories in cola chicken

The value of calories in Chicken with Cola is 581.4 calories in a total meal that serves three people.

This means that one portion of that meal amounts to 193.8 per person.


Ingredients for cola chicken meal

The cola chicken meal consists of 3 chicken breasts. In addition to a can of Diet Coke , which amounts to 372 grams.

The meal also includes a full cup of ketchup. Which gives the breasts a delicious red color.

Moreover, the dish can be garnished with some chopped green onions for a little color.


Calories for each component of the meal

Ketchup provides 321 calories. the whole meal, As for the chicken breast, it provides 258 calories.

And as far as Diet Coke is concerned, it provides at most 2 calories with just one ounce of aspartame (4 fluid ounces).


Nutritional values ​​in whole meal chicken cola

This meal provides many nutritional values. of fat, cholesterol, sodium, and carbohydrates, dietary fibres, So is the protein.

This protein itself also contains many vitamins, which we list in detail in the following lines.

The total fat in the entire meal is 5.7 grams. Which is mainly concentrated in chicken.

As for cholesterol and triglycerides, it reached 132 milligrams. Which also comes from chicken

As for the sodium and salts available in chicken as well, It weighs approximately 3 grams.

As for carbohydrates, which are mainly concentrated in cola, it reaches 64.2 grams, Without any dietary fiber.

As for protein, which is the main nutrient in the dish, Faisal weighs 48.6 grams.

The meal contains many vitamins. such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc.

In addition to vitamin E, calcium, copper, folic acid, In addition to iron, In addition to magnesium, and manganese.

The main vitamin in the meal is niacin at 39.7%. In addition to pantothenic acid, phosphorus, riboflavin, selenium, and thiamine.


How to prepare a cola chicken dish

The preparation of the cola chicken dish begins by placing the chicken in a non-stick frying pan. Where you pour ketchup and diet cola together on the chicken.

Then you boil the chicken with cola, With the pan completely covered, Then you gradually reduce the temperature.

The heat is reduced for 45 minutes. gradually, Until the completion of the settlement process, which will take no more than a quarter of an hour.

after that time, open the lid on the fryer, then you raise the fire, Continue to stir and cook until the sauce thickens and sticks to the chicken.

And then you made sure to watch the scene of the chicken sticking to the ketchup, Make sure the chicken is fully cooked.

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