Calories in Cofique Pistachio Iced Coffee

Cofique Iced Pistachio Coffee is a cold coffee made of sugar, instant coffee, industrial pistachio flavor and salt, Cold milk should also be added to enjoy.

Calories in Cofique Peanut Iced Coffee 95.2 Calories per sachet without milk, Most of these calories are from sugars at 97.5%, then protein by 2.5%. And 0% fat, as it does not contain any fat in the event that milk fat is not calculated.

To learn more about the nutritional values in your Cofique Cold Coffee Pistachio, check out the following nutritional card.

How to prepare Pistachio coffee with cold milk from Cofique

  1. Empty the sachet into a cup of 300ml of milk
  2. Add 300 ml of cold milk
  3. Stir well and have fun!

This product was produced in Hungary under the authorization of the trademark owners for Goody Middle East.

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