Calories in Coco Lovers Crispy Bar

Coco Lovers Crispy Bar is a kind of delicious dessert, crispy, And covered with chocolate is a candy bar toasted rice, Biscuits with milk and covered with chocolate are distinguished by their sweet taste. and very tasty, Which can be a great companion for you in difficult times

Calories in Coco Lovers Bar

The whole piece has 220 calories. The total fat is about 11 grams. and saturated fat 11 grams, And the percentage of sodium in the piece is about 70 milligrams, As for the total carbohydrates in the piece, It is 29 grams. and fiber 0 grams, sugar 20 grams, The protein is only 1 gram and the total cholesterol in the piece is about 5 grams.

And when it comes to vitamins and minerals, The calcium in the piece is 6%, iron 2%, potassium 3%, folic acid 8%, The piece contains vitamin B1 by 9%, Vitamin B2 by 8%. Niacin is 9%.



Ingredients for Coco Lovers Bar

One piece of Coco Lovers Crispy Bar contains sugar, rice, vegetable oil (palm, palm kernel) sweetened condensed cow’s milk, Glucose syrup, invert sugar, milk powder skimmed beef, Cocoa powder, fructose powder, Wheat flour, barley flour powder, Emulsifying agent (E/SIN322 Soy lecithin, Stabilizing Agent (Calcium Carbonate E/SIN422) Salt, malt extract, Citric acid E570) Flavor (artificial vanilla) Raising agents (Sodium bicarbonate E500)

It is worth noting that those who suffer from gluten sensitivity should beware of eating this dessert. Because it contains soy milk gluten. May contain eggs or nuts) produced by Almas Food International Company, 6th of October City, The third industrial zone, For the Egyptian Food Company, Bisco Misr – El Amiriya – Cairo

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