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Calories in chocolate caramel break soba


Break Soba Chocolate Caramel is a wafer biscuit covered with chocolate and caramel, It comes in an envelope containing two fingers. In this topic, we will learn about the nutritional values ​​and calories in Brick Soba, Chocolate Caramel, in just one finger.


How many calories in breakfast soba chocolate caramel

Calories in Break Soba Chocolate Caramel are 78.6 calories, Fats and carbohydrates are in equal proportions. So, the amount of fat is 4 gm, and the carbs are 9 gm, while the protein is 1.4 gm. And that in the two fingers only the size of 15.5 g.

Although this sweetener is low in calories, it is hydrogenated, and we prefer to replace it with other types of chocolate

Notes on Brick Soba Chocolate Caramel

  1. The calories listed are for one finger only.
  2. Break Soba Wafer contains hydrogenated fat .
  3. Contains permitted artificial flavors.
  4. This product is one of the types of sweets that come with low sodium.
  5. Soba Break biscuits with chocolate and caramel are classified as low-calorie chocolate .

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