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Calories in Chipsy Forno French Cheese

We present to you the calories in Chipsy Forno with French Cheese, which is one of the most important innovations invented by Chipsy to provide a healthy alternative for crunchy potato lovers, But based on baking it instead of frying it in oil, In this way, an estimated 60% less fat is found in this very popular product.

That is why let us know the calories in Chipsy Forno with French Cheese in detail, In addition to the food ingredients that it consists of.


Calories in Chipsy Forno French Cheese

An amount of 10 grams of Forno Chips with Cheese contains an energy of about 179.5 kilojoules, which is 42 kilocalories, And the amount of protein in it is about 0.6 grams. and carbohydrates are 7.16 grams, As for the sugars, it is 0.67, fat is about 1.2 grams, For saturated fats, it is 0.52 grams, and fiber about 0.39 grams, As for sodium, it is 50 mg.

It is worth noting that the mentioned nutritional values ​​are for 10 grams only. It has low calories per weight. Be careful when eating large sizes.


Nutritional ingredients in Chipsy Forno French Cheese

Chipsy Forno with French Cheese consists of the following ingredients:

  • Potato powder
  • Modified cornstarch
  • Vegetable oil
  • French cheese flavor gainer
  • sugar
  • Wheat flour
  • Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)
  • Contains approximately 1.5% salt


How to prepare Forno chips with French cheese

  1. Unknown


Allergy in Chipsy Forno with French Cheese

The product contains wheat (gluten) and soy. It also contains milk and its derivatives (lactose):

  • Contains wheat (gluten)
  • contains soy, and its derivatives
  • Contains milk and its derivatives (lactose)
The product is produced by Chipsy Food Industries S.A.E. M . M. It can be used in diets. but also within reason, Because it belongs to the category of carbohydrates, And it still contains calories even though it’s healthy.

Although the product is always promoted as one of the products available for use within diets aimed at reducing weight, However, it is not actually a diet product at all. It contains a high percentage of carbohydrates compared to the amount that you will eat from it, It also does not include any amount of protein.

It is known that protein contributes to satiety for long periods. This is why this product lacks important nutrients that must be included in any diet.

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