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Calories in chickpeas


You want hummus, but you don’t have any tricks to settle it!! Now Almarai offers you ready-made chickpeas with only natural ingredients, at a price of 6.5 Saudi riyals for the entire package of 250 gm.

Almarai ready-made chickpeas contain natural ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, sunflower oil, salt, citric acid, and garlic flavour.

Almarai chickpeas are sold in most well-known supermarkets and hypermarkets, in addition to that they have started selling them in medium-sized groceries.

In the following report, We will take you on an educational tour about this product in detail. Where we will learn about the most important calories in Almarai chickpeas, As well as the nutritional values ​​in it.


Calories in chickpeas

Calories in Almarai chickpeas 555 calories for the whole package, And for one serving of 50 gm, 111 calories.

It contains a high percentage of fat, estimated at 56.8% of the total calories. The percentage of carbohydrates is 28.8% and the percentage of protein is 14.4%.

Calories in grams are distributed between 35 gm of fat, and saturated fat 5 g, and carbohydrates 40 g, and protein 20 g, and there is sodium 1220 mg, and dietary fiber 11 g, and sugar 5 g.

Almarai chickpeas are considered one of the excellent options for vegetable protein and high in the amount of fiber, in addition to being gluten-free , but the thing that is not popular with it is that it is high in sodium, as every 50 gm covers the daily upper limit of sodium by 10%, and for patients with high blood pressure, kidney and heart diseases, 13.6%.

Example: If we assume that you ate the entire package alone, you would cover the upper limit of sodium by 50%!, And if a person has high blood pressure or heart and kidney disease, God forbid, he will cover the upper limit by 68%!!

Ingredients for ready-made chickpeas

  • hummus
  • water
  • Tahini
  • Sunflower oil
  • Citric acid (acidity regulator)
  • Natural garlic flavour.


Almarai hummus method

  1. Packed in a protective atmosphere
  2. Store between 2° – 5°
  3. Keep refrigerated after opening
  4. Consume within 2 days after opening
  5. Contains sesame seeds


Notes on Almarai chickpeas

  1. Made from natural ingredients.
  2. Gluten free.
  3. plant protein.
  4. High fibre.
  5. Contains a high amount of sodium in a small amount of 50g.


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