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Calories in Chickpeas Black Seeds from Al Fares


Calories in Chickpeas Black Seeds from Al Fares, Black acid is one of the rarest types of chickpeas in the world. It can be found in very few areas, It is used in preparing salads, soups, especially stews, curries, And other diets.

Black chickpeas may be a food ingredient used in the preparation of other foods. is not isolated by itself, But it will still contain calories that you should know well. For this, in the next report, we will learn together about what are the calories in chickpeas, black seeds from Al Fares, In addition, we will also fully discuss all the nutritional details related to this product. So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in chickpeas black seeds from Alfares

  • Black chickpeas.


Calories in Chickpeas Black Seeds from Al Fares

The calories in chickpeas, black seeds from Al Fares, in an amount of half a cup, which is equivalent to 130 gm, are about 165 calories.

Macros calories are distributed within that portion between total total fat 1 gm, There are total carbohydrates of 30g, Plus 9g of protein.

The product also contains sodium with an amount of 322.4 mg. and net carbs of 23g, There are sugars in 1 gm, And dietary fiber in the amount of 7 g.

On the flip side, Al Fares Black Seed Chickpeas contains a group of vitamins, Minerals including vitamin C by 4%. 5% of calcium. And there is iron in that share by 25%.


Notes on chickpeas, black seeds from Al-Fares

  • Chickpeas keep black beans in a cool place. dry, out of the sun, and excessive heat.


From the aforementioned nutritional details, We will find that the product is rich in many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. It contains a high percentage of dietary fibre. Which can help in feeling full for long periods, That is why you can easily include it in your diet. But for people who follow diets that prevent carbohydrates from being consumed, Certainly, this chickpea will not be suitable for consumption within those systems. Because it contains a good percentage of total carbohydrates.


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