Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in chicken steak


calories in chicken steak, Which is one of the famous Egyptian meals, It’s like roast chicken. With the addition of some delicious sauce, while grilling

steak cooked chicken, grilled chicken, It gets some delicious toppings, spices and sauces.

In the following article, we will show you how to prepare this delicious meal. So is the number of calories in Chicken Steak.

The article also contains; on the ingredients of that meal, and the nutrients that are available within it.

Calories in chicken steak

Calories in chicken steak

Chicken steak meal contains, on many calories, It reaches 263.9 calories per serving.

One serving is a quarter of a chicken, about 350 grams in weight.


Nutritional information for chicken steak meal

Other than the calories in chicken steak meal, It contains many other nutrients. Which is suitable for being one of the most delicious Egyptian meals.

One serving of that meal contains 6.7 grams of fat. Thanks to its grilling, which makes it get rid of most of the fat in the portion.

Moreover, With regard to cholesterol, It is the lowest for chicken, reaching 117.0 mg. Sodium is 663.3 mg.

As for the total carbohydrates, which we get through the sauce spread on the chicken, it reaches 5.6 grams.

In addition There is dietary fiber, which we gain from the vegetables in the portion. It reaches 1.6 grams.

Finally, It is the most nutritional value in that meal, is protein with a weight of 43.2 grams, Thanks to chicken, the main ingredient in the meal.


Chicken Steak Ingredients

Chicken steak meal consists of many food ingredients, such as salt, paprika, and hot pepper, This is in the following amounts; Teaspoon salt, Plus two teaspoons of paprika.

Plus a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, another of onion powder, And a third of thyme spices.

The ingredients of the meal also contain a teaspoon of white pepper, as well as a teaspoon of garlic powder, And also half a teaspoon of black pepper.

The meal also includes a cup of chopped onions. In addition to a large chicken (approximately 1350 grams).


How to prepare chicken steak meal

The process of preparing the chicken steak meal begins by preparing a small bowl, Then you mix all the spices that were mentioned recently.

Before introducing the chicken to the mixture, You must completely remove the intestines from the chicken. With the need to clean the cavity well.

Moreover, the chicken should be left to dry completely. And if required, Paper towels can be used to complete the drying process.

next step, You should rub the spice mixture into the chicken, From inside and outside, Making sure it is evenly distributed deep into the skin.

Then you put the chicken, which is well rubbed with spices, in a resealable plastic bag. then close it tightly, Putting it in the fridge for about 10 hours.

Then you take the chicken out of the fridge. To stuff onions in their cavities, Then you put the chicken in a shallow baking tray.

Then you start the grilling or roasting process. without cover on the chicken, And at a temperature of 122 degrees Celsius for 5 hours.

But after the first hour, the chicken should be brushed with the sauce, which turns into caramel at the bottom of the pan.

and with time, The chicken will turn golden brown. After 5 hours have passed, take it out, Cool for 10 minutes before slicing the chicken.

One chicken weighing 1350 grams can be cut into 4 equal portions.

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