Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in Chicken Casserole with Vegetables


Calories in chicken casserole with vegetables important issue, As this casserole is one of the delicious healthy meals, At the same time.

And the demand for that meal increases, in Winter, as the temperature drops, And the constant desire to warm the body with a delicious and nutritious meal, And healthy at the same time.

at that meal, You won’t cost anything extra other than chicken and vegetables. And you don’t need extra soup and sauce.

During the next article, we will be exposed to the number of calories in that meal.

In addition to other information about the nutrients that meal contains, And information about ingredients and method of preparation.


Calories in Chicken Casserole with Vegetables

The calories in chicken casserole with vegetables per serving weigh approximately 350 grams. For 320.6 calories.

With regard to the other nutrients that you can get from eating that meal, It can reach a total fat of 8.9 grams.

plus cholesterol of 51.8 mg, And sodium, 175.3 mg.

With regard to carbohydrates, it reaches a volume of 36.1 grams. As for dietary fiber, it reaches 8.8 grams. As for protein, it reaches 27.9 grams.


Ingredients for chicken meal with vegetables

Chicken meal consists of vegetables. from a number of healthy ingredients, Which is based mainly on chicken and vegetables.

The meal contains 350 grams of cooked chicken breast , cut into equal cubes, in addition to two tablespoons of flour and the same amount of unsalted butter.

The meal includes 250 grams of skim milk, with a pinch of white pepper, And a spoonful of Italian seasoning.

Plus a tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese, Plus one piece of chopped zucchini.

The chicken casserole meal with vegetables includes 200 grams of brown pasta, With 2 grated bell peppers (yellow or orange).

And to add more flavor, high nutritional value, You can put two fruits of chopped broccoli, With a third of a cup of cheese.

With these ingredients, you can get a meal for 6 persons. So that the share of each person is approximately 350 grams.

Although the vegetable casserole meal is high in protein, it is also high in carbohydrates

How to prepare chicken casserole with vegetables

Preparing this meal begins by putting the butter in a small, hot saucepan. Where it is put on the fire 15 minutes before the butter over medium heat.

And as soon as you feel the butter start to foam, add flour, With continuous stirring for one minute.

And with the flip, You must not let the mixture turn brown. Where you add milk continuously to the mixture intermittently.

Further, while continuing to stir, until it begins to boil.

After adding milk to the mixture, turn down the heat, Then leave it on low heat for 10 minutes.

Then add pepper, Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese to the sauce.

In the next step, you must continuously stir until complete homogeneity between the ingredients.

This concludes the first ingredient of the chicken tagine with vegetables, As for the second component, which is macaroni, It is boiled in the well-known way. in water at 350 degrees Celsius.

And in the last minute of cooking the pasta, Add chopped broccoli to the water.

Then you let the pasta simmer. Let it simmer for one minute.

And after you filter the pasta from the boiling water, Spray the bottom and sides of the pasta casserole dish with a layer of nonstick cooking spray.

After completing the two components, prepare a large bowl, In it you mix pasta and broccoli with chicken and chopped vegetables.

Then cover the mixture with red sauce and cheese. Covered with foil for a full 20 minutes.

And that before you remove this paper, Where the cheese melts on the chicken at that time.

This meal takes 15 minutes to prepare. And 30 minutes to cook.


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