Calories in Cheetos Crunchy Sweet Chili

Cheetos Crunchy is a delicious-tasting snack, And present in more than one taste in the market, There is a taste of cheese, And the taste of sweet pepper, And the taste of chilli, And the taste of pizza, They are all very delicious. It is crunchy, And it is rich in wonderful taste that may make it the first Snacks for many.

But on the other hand, This snacks are fried, so, Consuming it daily may lead to problems with obesity. Especially if you are not properly counting your daily calories. So, here is a breakdown of what calories are in Cheetos Crunchy with the taste of sweet pepper.

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Calories in Cheetos Crunchy Sweet Chili

Cheetos Crunchy has about 56.5 calories per 10 g of it. There is protein in the amount of 0.5 grams, And carbohydrates with a number of 5.3 grams, As for the amount of fats it contains, For every ten grams of it contains 3.7 grams of fat, of which saturated fat is estimated at 1.7 grams.

Cheetos also contains 0.5g of sugars, And fiber by 0.1 grams. As for the percentage of sodium in it, It is about 77 milligrams.


The nutritional ingredients in Cheetos Crunchy are sweet pepper

Cheetos crunchy with sweet pepper flavor is made from crushed corn, And vegetable oil, And taste flavor (Thai chili) and the product may contain yogurt. And its derivatives (lactose), In addition to wheat (gluten), those who are allergic to these products should avoid them.

Chitose is a production of Chipsy Food Industries LLC with permission from Bisco Inc., Porshas New York, 6th of October Factory, Fourth Industrial Area.

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