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Calories in cheese risotto


We will learn about the calories in risotto with cheese, what are the ingredients of the risotto, and how to prepare it. Where it is sold ready-made from the Primo company, It is an Italian industry.


Cheese risotto ingredients

Primo truffle risotto consists of:

  1. Carnaroli rice.
  2. cheese powder [cheese (milk, salt, microbes), whey, salt].
  3. Whey.
  4. Sunflower Oil Powder (Sunflower Oil, glucose syrup, milk protein).
  5. flavors.
  6. Yeast extract
  7. onion.
  8. salt.


How to cook Primo cheese risotto

1- Pour the contents of the risotto into 650 ml of lukewarm water in a medium bowl. No need to add salt (it tastes extra salty).

2- Bring to a boil, then cook over medium heat for 15-17 minutes without covering the pot.

3- Stir the risotto from time to time until the water subsides, then serve it.

4- You can add chili flakes, cheese, vegetables, and pieces of chicken or meat as desired.


Calories in cheese risotto

The calories in risotto with cheese are about 622.8 calories per quantity in the package after cooking it. Which is enough for two people.

The total fat is 10 gm. and 3.6 g saturated fat, The full serving contains 116g of carbohydrates and 8.8g of sugars. It also includes 17.2g of protein.

The truffle risotto after cooking contains 4 grams of salt, which equals 1600 mg of sodium.


Find out the calories in Truffle Risotto

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