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Calories in Cerelac Wheat


Calories in Cerelac Wheat Cerelac for children was produced as a complementary food for infants that is easy to digest and contains minerals and vitamins. However, it was not until the conversion of Cerelac to adults!! Yes, as adults began to eat Cerelac wheat, but some do not know about the components of Cerelac and its nutritional values.

So today we will talk about these nutritional facts and calories in Cerelac Wheat in a detailed manner.

Calories in Cerelac Wheat

The calories in Cerelac Wheat are 210.4 calories in an amount of 50 gm, most of which come from carbohydrates with a percentage of 64.4%, And then fat by 21.4%, Hence the protein rate of 13.6%.

The calories in grams are distributed between carbohydrates 33.85 gm, and 7.5 g protein, and 5 g fat, The product also includes dietary fiber 1.25 gm, sodium 60 mg, and calcium 200 mg, and phosphorus 115 mg, iron 5 mg, Your weight is 1.25 mg.

There is also Vitamin A 200 IU, and vitamin E 1.75 units, vitamin D 3 units, and vitamin K 16.5 units, vitamin C 33 units, and vitamin K1 0.45 units, and vitamin B6 0.15 units, Vitamin B3 is 3 units.

50 gm cerelac wheat

The amount of a complete meal for your child

Wheat cerelac ingredients

  • Wheat flour
  • Skimmed milk solids
  • sucrose
  • caramel
  • Olin palm
  • Low erucic acid rapeseed oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • vanilla flavour
  • Bifidus culture
  • Minerals and vitamins

How to prepare cerelac

  1. Wash your hands before preparing your baby’s food. Make sure all tools are clean

  2. Boil clean drinking water for five minutes, then let it cool. Then pour 150ml of lukewarm water into the baby’s bowl.

    Why do we let the boiling water become lukewarm? In order to maintain the number of active bifidus yeasts.

  3. Add 50 grams or 9 tablespoons , “It is better to use a scale for more accuracy, wiped with wheat cerelac

  4. Stir until the cerelac becomes soft and serve it directly to your child, not to you

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