Calories in Nuts

Calories in Castania Mixed Hearts


Calories in Castania Mixed Hearts, Nuts are among the healthy snacks that nutritionists advise eating as a substitute for snacks that are full of sugar, carbohydrates, and fats. So if you are looking for a healthy snack, And delicious there is nothing better than nuts in general, Provided that the quantity that will be eaten is not exceeded. And choose a type that does not contain a lot of food additives that add more unnecessary calories to nuts.

In our next report, We will monitor with you what are the most important calories in Castania, mixed hearts. Not only that, But we will get to know the full nutritional ingredients in that package, and other nutritional details fully related to this product, So stay tuned.


The food ingredients in Castania are mixed hearts

  • almond
  • Cashew nuts
  • pistachio
  • hazelnut
  • Covered nuts (almonds, cashews, wheat flour, sugar, Corn Starch)
  • walnut
  • macadamia
  • natural millet flavor (glucose, Bread crumbs (from flour) flavor enhancer monosodium glunamate (E621)
  • Melendextrin
  • soy protein solution
  • Dairy products
  • Corn Starch
  • Moderately acidic (citric acid)
  • Non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (coconut oil)
  • salt


Calories in Castania Mixed Hearts

Calories in Castania Mixed Hearts in a quantity of 30 gm are approximately 195 calories.

In that portion, the macro calories are distributed as follows: Of a total total fat of 16.2 g, There are total carbohydrates of 6.3 g, Plus 6g of protein.

On the other hand This serving contains 2.7g of saturated fat. and monounsaturated fats of 10.2 g, In addition to unsaturated fat by 3.4 g.

This serving also contains 1.7 g of total sugars. 0.4 g salt, There are dietary fibers of 2.6 gm. And sodium by 100 mg.


Notes on Castania Mixed Hearts

  • allergy information, The product contains milk, flour, wheat, soy, and nuts. It may also contain traces of peanuts. Therefore, you should avoid consuming the product if you are allergic to one of these food ingredients. or all of them.
  • The product must be kept in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight.
  • The product is not intended for consumption by children under one year of age.
  • In general, care should be taken Because the product may cause choking in children.


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