Calories in Nuts

Calories in cashew nut


calories in cashew zen, Nuts in general are always promoted, as a healthy food, Where it is advised to take some pills between large meals as a snack.

In fact, nuts have many uses. Besides consuming it in its original form with intention, or after roasting, can be put on power, or add them to desserts, Various meals as desired.

But the real problem is that many people think that nuts are low in calories. They can eat it however they want. But this is not true at all. Because it is very high in calories. Despite the health benefits that it provides the body as a result of its consumption.

In the following, we will take you on an educational tour, through which we will learn about the most important calories in cashew nuts, As well as all other nutritional details related to this product completely.


Nutritional ingredients in Cashew Zen

  • Roasted cashews


Calories in cashew nut

Calories in cashew nuts in an amount of 100 gm are about 588.3 calories, And in that serving you can find a total total fat of 43.85g, and a total total carbohydrate of 30.19 g, There is a protein of 18.22 g.

This serving also includes saturated fat 7.8 g. and dietary fiber by 3.3 g, and there is sodium in 12g, As well as total sugars by 5.91 g.

Mentionsed, That serving of cashew zen does not contain any amount of cholesterol, or trans fats, or added sugar.


Notes on Kaju Zen

  • Cholesterol free cashew nuts.
  • Those who are allergic to cashews should definitely avoid eating this product.
  • The Zen cashew package shall be kept in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight.


From the aforementioned nutritional details, We will find that although cashews can be eaten in a variety of diets, However, it should not be consumed in excess. Because that may lead to major weight problems.


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