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Calories in Caesar Mango Juice 250 ml


calories in Caesar Mango juice 250 ml, Mango is one of the very delicious fruits that many love to consume, But eating them outside can cause some trouble, Due to their nature, That is why many factories have resorted to their modernization in order to facilitate their eating.

It is true that mango is a fruit, Fruit is a healthy food, But it’s not about fruit, but also with the additions placed to it, And here we are talking about a lot of sugar that has been added to the drink to be sweet-tasting, Therefore, the eye should be carefully scrutinized before consuming it.

In the following report, We will learn about the calories in Caesar Mango juice 250 ml and all the nutritional ingredients from which it was prepared, So stay tuned.

Calories in Caesar Mango Juice 250 ml

The calories in Caesar Mango 250 ml juice are 151.4 calories, mostly carbohydrates and sugars by 96%.

As for the calories of macros, The product contains carbohydrates of 36.25 g, It also contains 0.475 g protein, And fat in the amount of 0.5 g.

The product also contains sodium in the amount of 28.75 mg, and dietary fiber in the amount of 2.5 g, and sugar in the amount of 36.25 g, Vitamin C 45.4 mg

Ingredients of Caesar Mango Juice

  • water
  • Natural mango pulp
  • sugar
  • Xanthan (stabilizer)
  • 49.5 mg Vitamin C

Reviews on Caesar Mango

  • Fruit concentration not less than 32%
  • The percentage of solids does not exceed 16%
  • Free of preservatives and artificial colors
  • Shake well and store in a cool, dry place. He also drinks cold
  • Produced by Abu Al-Jadayel Refreshments Factory Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

Now, after you finish reading the food card, do you think that Caesar juice is healthy?!!

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