Calories in fast food

Calories in burger king


calories in burger king, It differs from one meal to another inside the Burger King restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And the restaurant that works to serve more than 11 million guests daily in its various branches in many countries of the world, Always striving to provide delicious meals of burgers, But also still high in calories.

The Burger King restaurant group was established in 1954. It is now ranked second in the world in the field of fast food restaurants and hamburger chains in the world.

And in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Olayan Group for investment in the field of food has become an agent for the Burger King chain of restaurants. Hence the main agent for the Middle East as a whole.

The company opened the first Burger King branch in the capital, Riyadh. In December 1992, To the number of branches at the time of this writing, For more than 400 branches across the Kingdom.

In the following article, we review a number of Burger King meals that these branches provide to their customers, With an explanation of the calorie value that you can gain through these meals.


Calories in burger king

Burger King meals


It is a meal of fresh and delicious meat. Which includes ¼ pound of flame-grilled beef topped with tomatoes.

On top of fresh lettuce, crunchy pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and sliced ​​onions in soft buns topped with sesame seeds.

This meal contains 670 calories.


Triple Whopper

The Triple Whopper meal includes three pieces of grilled meat, These pieces are covered with tomato and lettuce.

In addition to sliced ​​onions and crunchy pickles with mayonnaise and ketchup, all stuffed inside a sesame seed bun.

There are 1163 calories in this meal.


Double whopper prices

The Double Whopper sandwich consists of two ¼ lb. flame-grilled beef patties topped with juicy tomatoes. Fresh lettuce.

In addition to mayonnaise, ketchup, and pickles with sliced ​​white onions on a soft bun containing sesame seeds.

And that meal contains 919 calories.


Whopper Jr

Whopper Junior sandwich meal is a piece of beef grilled on fire, the flesh is covered, with tomatoes.

With crispy lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, White onion slices in a soft bun topped with sesame seeds.

This meal differs from the previous one with fewer calories because of the beef. The number of calories reaches 786 calories.


Mushroom and sausage calories

The number of calories in the mushroom and swiss meal contains two pieces of grilled meat on the fire with the special mushroom sauce of Burger King.

What distinguishes this meal is the Swiss cheese that melts inside the soft bread. To finally give you a great tasting meal.

The calories in that meal are 698 calories.


Big King calories from Burger King

It is an adult meal only. It contains a huge slice of grilled meat with tomatoes, lettuce and pickles.

It also contains delicious Big King sauce and a piece of bread in the middle. And whoever eats that meal can get 589 calories.


Big King XL

The Big King XL sandwich features two slices of juicy, flame-grilled beef.

Otherwise, The sandwich also contains melted cheese slices. cut fresh lettuce, And crispy onions.

The makers of this delicious meal do not overlook the distinctive pickles. and the thousand island-style chutney, With sesame toast.

This monstrous meal contains only 1045 calories.


Calories in burger king steakhouse

The Burger King Steakhouse meal features a cornmeal-coated bun, toasted and hot. In addition to a set of ingredients such as mayonnaise, crispy onions, lettuce, tomatoes and delicious BBQ sauce.

And about steak house, it is grilled, Added to it is delicious and delicious Swiss cheese. This meal provides 865 calories for those who eat it.


Number of calories Light Whopper Burger King

It is a meal for vegetarians only. As it is a balanced and light sandwich that contains toasted and hot oatmeal bread.

In addition to mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion and ketchup, As well as delicious pickles and slice whopper, that were covered with toasted cornmeal, This meal provides 592 calories.


Calories in burger king chicken meals

Spicy Chicken Deluxe

It is one of the oldest meals offered by Burger King restaurants in Saudi Arabia. It is being introduced from the year 1979.

And Spicy Chicken Deluxe is a meal consisting of a piece of crispy chicken with American cheese that melts in the sandwich.

It also contains hot jalapeno peppers, fiery hot sauce, fresh lettuce slices, tomato pieces and mayonnaise in a soft sesame bun.

And whoever eats this meal gets 617 calories.


Chicken Royal

It is also an ancient meal. It was first introduced in 1979. It consists of chicken meat. On a light bun and topped with a mixture of shredded lettuce and mayonnaise. And all of that you find inside a bun covered with sesame seeds.

The meal is light and tasty and contains 479 calories.


Chicken Whopper

In this meal, you can enjoy the most delicious Whopper chicken, As it is a chicken meat fillet with shredded lettuce and fresh tomatoes, and mayonnaise.

Those who eat this meal prefer to order it with a side dish of delicious hot thick potatoes or crispy golden onion rings with your favorite soft drink.

This meal contains 486 calories.


Big King Chicken

This juicy sandwich consists of 9 layers topped with hot roasted sesame seeds on top.

In addition to mayonnaise, lettuce and American yellow cheese, As for the main piece of chicken in the Chicken Burger sandwich, you will find it grilled on flames with another layer of mayonnaise.

A 350-gram sandwich contains 875 calories.


Chicken crisp

It is a medium size of crispy and delicious chicken pieces topped with six hot and toasted layers. This sandwich measures 4 inches of bread topped with sesame seeds.

In addition to mayonnaise and lettuce, And that meal contains 432 calories.


King chicken fillet

It is a snack that has been specially seasoned.

In this sandwich, the delicious chicken king fillet is stuffed with shredded lettuce and a light layer of creamy mayonnaise.

It is served on freshly prepared bread topped with sesame seeds and toasted to perfection.

The number of calories in that meal is 780 calories.


Chicken Steakhouse

It is a meal consisting of the wonderful steak house chicken, which is served with corn flour bun, mayonnaise, crispy onion, with lettuce, And tender tomatoes.

Moreover, it contains BBQ sauce. 4 halves of juicy beef grilled on charcoal. And delicious Swiss cheese.

The number of calories in that meal is 718 calories.


Light chicken whopper

It is a light and delicious meal. It contains balanced ingredients topped with toasted oats kaiser bread. Rich in light mayonnaise and crispy lettuce.

It also contains juicy tomatoes. Delicious light chicken pieces.

This meal contains 533 calories.


the authorities

Chicken king salad

It is a crunchy and delicious snack that consists of a mixture of fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, Toasted bread with grated parmesan cheese.

On top of that meal, chicken pieces are added with your favorite flavor.

A salad dish weighing 332 grams gives you 133 calories.


King green salad

It is a mixture of lettuce with soft tomatoes and toasted bread. With the addition of three types of cheese, With fresh KEN’S® Salad Dressing.

A salad dish weighing 288 grams gives you 61 calories.


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