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Calories in brown sugar garlic chicken


Calories in brown sugar garlic chicken It looks average at 166.4 calories per serving.

In a complete meal enough for three adults, it reaches 499.2 calories.

But those calories come from many ingredients. And through a certain cooking method, We explain it in the next article.

In this article, we present Below are the calories in garlic chicken with added brown sugar.

In addition to the ingredients for that meal, and the calories in that meal, In addition to the method of preparing that meal, and their nutritional values.


Calories in brown sugar garlic chicken

The calories in a full meal of garlic chicken with brown sugar reach 499.2 calories, For a meal enough for a family of three.

And that meal consists of 16 teaspoons of brown sugar, which is used to fry chicken, And give it a distinctive golden color.

As for the chicken, main ingredient in the meal, It weighs approximately 1500 grams. Boneless and skinless chicken breast.

The meal also includes; 4 cloves of garlic, and 8 tablespoons of butter, And a teaspoon of black pepper.


Calories for each component of the meal

The calories do not come from a single component of the chicken meal. Rather, from the various components of the meal.

for example, Chicken provides 412 calories. of cooked chicken breast, without skin.

As for the salted butter, it reaches 204 calories in the entire meal, Brown sugar is low in calories, providing 44 calories.

As for garlic, it provides only 4 calories. Without any calories of black pepper.


Nutritional values ​​in chicken meal with garlic and brown sugar

Chicken meal with garlic and brown sugar contains many different nutritional values. as total fat, which mainly comes from chicken, And it reaches 32 grams.

The diet includes cholesterol and triglycerides. which is chicken, With a weight of 272.8 milligrams.

As for sodium and salts, which mainly comes from salted butter, It reaches 350.8 mg.

And for the total carbs, which also comes mainly from the butter, weighing 17.2 grams, without the presence of dietary fibre.

Provided that the total weight of protein in that meal is 77.6 grams, as one of the main values ​​in that meal.

Preparation method


How to prepare chicken with garlic and brown sugar

The first steps in preparing chicken meal start with garlic and brown sugar. to melt butter in a frying pan, Then, in the next step, you sauté the garlic in butter.

with garlic roast, You can add chicken breasts to garlic and butter, with constant stirring, And good cooking.

Pepper can also be added as desired, which does not add any calories to the meal at the end.

When the chicken is fully cooked, Brown sugar can be added on top of each breast; To give the chicken a distinctive golden color, With the wonderful delicious taste.

In the next step, you melt the brown sugar in the chicken. Which takes about 5 minutes.

This meal is served hot. with your favorite carbohydrates, such as vegetables or salad, It is also usually served with rice, noodles, or noodles, and carrots or green beans.

through the above, have a delicious family meal ahead of you, It serves 4 adults, weighing approximately 400 grams per person.

This meal takes 5 minutes to prepare. Plus 15 minutes to cook.

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