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Calories in Brown Basmati Punjabi Al Muhaidib Rice


Calories in Brown Basmati Punjabi Al Muhaidib rice is a type of brown rice, Which can cook just like regular rice with almost no difference, Just won’t add too much fatty substances to it, Because you are supposed to use it because it is healthy.

In general, Brown rice is one of the food items that have been traded a lot recently within the diet food and being a healthy product, Is this information correct!!? In this topic, we will learn about the calories of brown rice and how to cook brown rice through the following lines.

Calories in Brown Basmati Punjabi Al Muhaidib Rice

The calories in brown basmati rice are 359.5 calories per 100 grams of uncooked brown rice. Carbohydrates account for the highest percentage of nutritional values at 90%, followed by protein at 8%. The lowest fat is 1.8%.

It is said that brown rice is rich in fiber, but when compared with the nutritional values of white rice , we find that they are similar!!

For macrose calories in grams, They are distributed between carbohydrates of 80.96 g, and protein of 7.29 g, and fat in the amount of 0.73 g.

The product also contains dietary fiber in the amount of 1.22 g, and iron in the amount of 1.6 mg.

Punjabi Al Muhaidib Basmati Brown Rice 100 gm

Long Grain, First Class, India Production

  • 100 g uncooked brown rice

How to cook brown rice Mahidib Basmati Punjabi

  1. Wash the brown rice gently two to three times under running water

  2. Add two cups of water for each cup of brown rice

  3. Heat the water to a boil and add the brown rice (stirring only once) and cover the pot well, Reduce heat and leave it slightly below medium heat for 15 minutes until the rice drinks water

  4. You may need to adjust the cooking time of the rice to match the pot used

  • The calories mentioned above are for uncooked brown rice.
  • Basmati brown rice free of GMO elements and first grade
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