Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in broccoli casserole


Calories in broccoli casserole, Which is one of the best healthy and nutritional recipes at the same time, Which can be served with meat.

Also, this recipe is much better than choosing a casserole from a restaurant outside.

In the following article, we explain the number of calories in this casserole. In addition to the details of those calories from each meal component.

In addition to the ingredients for that meal, And the nutritional values ​​that can be obtained from these ingredients, As well as the appropriate preparation method.


Calories in broccoli casserole

The total number of calories in the meat casserole with broccoli is 1810.4 calories, An average of 452.6 calories per serving.


Ingredients for broccoli casserole

This delicious meal includes the following ingredients; 4 pounds of round steak (900 grams) Which is cut into thin slices.

plus 4 cloves of minced garlic, two cups of chopped onions, 4 cans of beef broth, 8 tablespoons of cornstarch.

Plus 14 tablespoons of brown sugar, and 8 tablespoons of soy sauce, And a teaspoon of garlic powder.

Also, a teaspoon of ground ginger is added. Regarding broccoli, 16 medium-sized broccoli fruits are added.

Finally, 16 cups of cooked rice is added. This is in order to get a complete meal enough for 4 adults.


Calorie details for each meal component

This beef and broccoli casserole includes 811 calories from cooked long-grain white rice.

as well as 600 calories of beef, and 149 calories from cornstarch, As for broccoli, it provides only 100 calories.

We also get a small number of calories from sugar (53 calories), And 33 calories from raw onions.

As well as 28 calories from the soup made of beef broth, water, Plus 20 calories of light soy sauce.

In addition to the 8 calories of ground ginger, and 4 calories of garlic, And like them from his powder.


Nutritional values ​​of the components of the meat casserole with broccoli

When you eat a meal of meat casserole with broccoli, you are guaranteed to get a total fat of 20.8 grams, It mainly comes from meat.

As for cholesterol and triglycerides, which also comes from meat, It amounts to 258.4 mg.

For sodium and salts, up to 2.1 grams at most.

And in terms of total carbohydrates, which mainly comes from broccoli, It reaches 264 grams.

As for dietary fiber, it reaches 15.2 grams.

Protein remains the main component of that meal. which is obtained from meat, With a net weight of 140 grams.


How to prepare a meat casserole with broccoli

The preparation of the meat tagine begins with broccoli. By coating the pan with cooking spray, Heat it over medium heat for one minute.

after that, You can add lean beef with chopped onions and garlic. With continuous flipping until it turns brown.

After that, the meat is added to a plate and left hot.

after that, You can add half of the broth and broccoli to the pan, cover with batter, Simmer until the broccoli is soft and crunchy.

in another bowl, You can mix the cornstarch, brown sugar, garlic powder, ginger, and soy sauce with the remaining broth until smooth.

after that, You can add the first batter to the pan, with constant stirring, And it remains on fire until the mixture thickens, stirring constantly.

In the final step, you put the meat back into the mixture. The tagine is served with rice. To get a meal enough for four people.


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